Frequently Asked Questions

 When need I engage a registered surveyor ?
  • Subdivision - Topographical plan survey, subdivision scheme plan preparation, land use and subdivision resource consent application, land transfer survey, 223 & 224c application.
  • Building development - Topographical plan for new house, extension and alteration, building & floor level setout, surveyor certificate for siting and height in relation to boundary.
  • Boundary location - boundary redefinition
  • Land development engineering - Public drainage & drive way design, supervision & certification
 Can you tell me about the feasibility of subdivision for my property ?

You just need provide the address of the property, and public drainage plan with contours (it is not required if the property is within Manukau City and North Shore City). We will do preliminary feasibility check and cost estimate for subdivision, it is free.

The size of the property area, limitation from certificate of title, zoning and the existing infrastructures will determine the feasibility of subdivision.

 What is freehold title ?

It means that the owner has the full ownership of the land, it is the simplest and most popular form of title, and produces the best value for the property being created in residential situations. Most of residential titles in this country are freehold

 What is cross lease title ?

It means that two or more owners share the ownership of the land, but each owner has the exclusive area to enjoy. This type of title was popular before due to the less cost in subdivision, but now the cost saving is little significant.

There are some limitations for this type of title, particularly when it is intended to do external addition or alteration for the existing house. Neighbor consents (within the same land) are required, and the cross lease title updated is required when the addition or alteration is finished.

Usually, it takes three month to get the title updated, and the cost (Surveyor fee, Council fee, Land Information NZ fee, Legal fee) will be around $5000 +GST.

 What is unit title ?

It is a bit similar to the cross lease title. Under Unit Titles Act 1972, it is a hybrid form of cross lease title to facilitate multi-level development. Two or more owners share the ownership of the land, but each owner has the exclusive area to enjoy. Body corporate is required to set up for maintenance, insurance etc. Usually, the office and apartment are suitable for this type of title.

 What are the subdivision procedures ?

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 What are the possible costs involved in the subdivision ?
 What are your Terms & Conditions of Trade ?